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P&W Industries, LLC now accepts clean concrete rubble at no cost to you. You can drop off your loads of concrete rubble anytime during business hours. 


Before dropping off the concrete rubble, we ask you to inspect the concrete for potential impurities, such as trash, glass, excessive dirt, asphalt, or plastics, which must be removed to safeguard the quality of the aggregate. Concrete with rebar will be accepted.

Crushed Concrete Road Base for Sale

From the recycled concrete rubble, we produce #610 Crushed Concrete Road Base material for purchase. This is an environmentally friendly product that is a cost-effective alternative to stone base material. 


Customers are responsible for picking up and transporting the product. All material is quoted and loaded onto the customer’s truck. 


Questions? Call us for pricing information!

Call Davis Gardner

(985) 892-2461

About Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling is reusing or repurposing concrete waste material instead of disposing of it in landfills. With the increasing environmental concerns and the desire for sustainable construction practices, concrete recycling has emerged as a valuable solution.

concrete rubble with am excavator
concrete rubble with an excavator

Practical Uses of Recycled Concrete

Crushed concrete is a recycled material produced by crushing old concrete materials into smaller pieces or aggregates. This process creates new useful products with a wide spectrum of utilizations in construction and infrastructure projects, evidencing its versatility and economic value. 


Concrete aggregate serves as a foundational layer in road construction, imparting stability and durability comparable to virgin materials. It's an excellent alternative to traditional gravel pathways because it’s less likely to shift or erode over time. In landscaping, recycled concrete finds application in creating retaining walls, garden beds, and erosion control structures. The civil engineering sector frequently incorporates recycled concrete aggregate as sub-base material for urban development projects due to its appreciable load-bearing capacity.

Monetary & Environmental Benefits: Reduce Waste, Save Costs

Concrete recycling initiates a ripple effect of financial and ecological advantages, establishing a compelling case for its widespread adoption.


Crushed Concrete is lighter than any other aggregate sold. You get more material for your money with crushed concrete since all stone is sold by the ton. This translates into reduced material costs, haul costs & overall project costs.


Lower energy use compared to producing new concrete from raw materials.




Decreased carbon emissions from the diminished need for transportation and processing.


Substantial decrease in landfill use by repurposing concrete debris.


Preservation of virgin aggregates and reduced environmental strain from quarrying.

Have questions? Just give us a call!

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